Day 10–Love is Unconditional

16 Oct

Today’s Dare:  “Do something out of the ordinary today for your spouse–something that proves (to you and them) that your love is based on your choice and nothing else.  (Wash his car.  Clean the kitchen.  Buy his favorite dessert.  Fold the laundry.) Demonstrate Love to them for the sheer joy of being their partner in marriage.”  (The Love Dare, 49.)

Good morning!  According to my honey, I AM out of the ordinary?  How am I ever going to top my present status in life.  HA!!  This challenge is difficult.  We are sort of a team, already.  We each pitch in so fairly, that if I do something “out of the ordinary”, I am not sure it will appear to be “out of the ordinary”!

When we were dating, we often met for lunch.  I took him with me when I had to drive to various locations for my work.  We spent a lot of time together.  One of my most treasured memories is the day we met for lunch.  He bought Mangia Bene sandwiches, minestrone and cannolis from a local Italian cafe.  He brought them to the park and we ate and bonded over delicious food on a gorgeous day.  The fact that he chose the food, the park, and the perfect spot at the park made a memorable impression in my mind and my heart.

Cannoli (1)

We are not able to meet like this much anymore–he is a sole business owner and has to remain at his job.  WE both love this little Italian cafe, and until that day I never even heard of it.  We don’t have extra money right now, so these special moments are difficult to set up.  It seems as if money is the key to romance.

I just figured it out.  For my dare today, I will go to the little Italian bistro and grab 2 cannolis. (This won’t cost too much!) When all is quiet in the house tonight,  I will bring out the special treats and share a candlelit midnight snack with my honey.

Because it takes forever for my house to become quiet and peaceful at night, I won’t be able to update the dare results until tomorrow morning.

Evening Update—–

Good evening!  It has been peaceful between my honey and I.  I spent the evening as I regularly do: dinner, clean-up, my daughter’s bedtime routine, and a project with my son.  My honey and I haven’t had much time alone yet, but I am looking forward to our delicious cannoli.  I can’t wait to see his reaction–and him enjoying it.  I just sat down for the first time this evening–at this rate, I should be a stick-person, but no luck!  I can only hope I burned enough calories to make up for the romantic sweet treat!

  • Son’s project complete CHECK
  • Daughter bathed and asleep CHECK
  • Coffee pot set up for tomorrow CHECK
  • Coffee in my hand now CHECK
  • Love Dare Update complete CHECK

Thank you for reading!  I will be back in the morning for Day 11.  I cannot believe I am already a quarter of the way through..

Lesson learned:  When you plan a special situation for your honey, you are more apt to be sweet until the situation occurs.  I am so excited.  I should do things like this more.

Times, they are a changing.

Have a great night, and super-sweet dreams.


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