Day 12–Love Lets The Other Win

18 Oct

Today’s Dare:  “Demonstrate love by willingly choosing to giving into an area of disagreement between your spouse. Tell them you are putting their preference first”  (The Love Dare, 59.)

Good morning and happy Saturday.  After watching the movie Blended with my honey, I got some much-needed sleep.  I am putting away the awful of yesterday and realizing that I can make today whatever I want.  The movie Blended was really cute.  I always like the Drew and Adam–especially together.  Does anyone else root for certain real-life relationships to occur because they are so awesome on T.V. together?

We don’t really have plans today.  We may walk to a playground, though!  That is always a fun and cheap day. Lets see, the dare–we don’t have many areas of disagreement outside of my jealousy.  I know I sort of cringe when he cooks because he tries to be “fancy” and has absolutely 0 training in the kitchen–untrained fancy isn’t a good thing and when money is tight, food shouldn’t be messed up!  He makes a good biscuit, though. I think when he asks if he could cook (I usually say no), I will say he can do biscuits.  WIN WIN right?

I will look into our conversations today and see if their are other areas that I can give into him on.  I am sure if I actively look disagreements, I may find something I never realized I did.  Isn’t that what this is all about?

Last night, I gave my honey a back massage. Give an inch, he tries to take a mile.  HEEHEE He didn’t want me to stop.  My hands were killing me and I went to get up and he was like, “that’s all?”  I swear, after like 20 minutes, I thought it was enough–but he didn’t.  It was fine.  I told him I would need a hand massage if I kept going.  He’s a large man, and his shoulders and back are hard to rub for too long.

I look forward to today.  I know it has to be better than tomorrow.  Have an awesome day and I will be back in for the evening update.  He just asked what I was typing–uh oh.  As stated in an earlier post–the love dare is supposed to be a secret.  And–although he knows I write often, he doesn’t know I have a blog.  I don’t like keeping secrets from my honey, but I must do it this way for 40 days.  I will let him read the blog when the 40 days are over.  Until then, I must hide it!  When he asked what I was writing, I just said “something”.  Whew!  No lies and no more questions asked.

Evening Update–

Boy, it is late!  Sorry! It’s been a very busy day!  I had trouble delegating biscuits.  I have control issues!  I let him roll and cut, though!  HA!  I promise, that was a big step for me, still.  However, I let him have his way with the dinner choice.  I wanted chicken salad–he wanted chicken and rice.   Chicken and rice it was! I didn’t notice any more disagreements today–which is great!  At one point today, I started having my usual, anxious stressful reactions–these usuall piss him off–but this time, he gave me a hug and spoke sweet ans calmed me down.  My anxiety was diminished.  The rest of the day, I remained stable.  It’s been a very good week.  I hope I can keep up the pace.

I made some awesome yummies tonight!  We took a walk and on the way back, we picked apples off the ground,  These apples were awesome–they tasted like honeycrisps.  We always talk about grabbing apples, but never do–and they end up getting mowed by the huge riding mower!  Today, we grabbed 3 apples.  I came home and washed, peeled, and chopped the apples.  I threw them in the iron skillet with brown sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon.  When they were cooked, I put the filling into wonton wrappers and folded them rangoon-style, and deep fried them.  I put them on paper towels and dusted them with powdered sugar–BIG HIT!!  A nice walk with a nice dessert.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I will be back in the morning!

Good night.  Sweet dreams!!  Go do something nice with your honey.


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