Day 14–Love Takes Delight

20 Oct

Today’s Dare:  “Purposefully neglect an activity you would normally do so you can spend quality time with your spouse.  Do something he or she would love to do or a project they’d really like to work on.  Just be together.  ”  (The Love Dare, 69.)

Good morning!  Happy Monday!   What a busy, but good weekend! We all are guilty of spending too much time on electronic devices.  How many of you sit and read your phone when you are watching television with your spouse? How many of you actually  put away all electronics and just spend quality time with your honeys?  I am guilty, for sure.  When all is said and one and my work for the day is done, I sit down on my designated couch cushion (I’m a lot like Sheldon–nobody better be on my spot!) and chill, usually on my laptop or phone, while my honey chooses lame sports or fantasy shows (like Game of Thrones!)  Sometimes, he actually puts the T.V. on a show I like–either way I am usually on my phone or laptop, while I gaze in and out of what is  on at the time.  My honey usually snores in his Archie Bunker chair.

This is together time for us.  I am just so grateful he is home with me, that I have become o.k. with rotting away, exhausted from the day.  Drowning our minds effortlessly into the world of media, while our bodies slowly tranquilize into our traditional state of comfort is an expected event in our home.  We are spending time together–but are we REALLY spending time TOGETHER?  He usually turns in before me.  Sometimes I end up on the couch all night.  When I see him go to bed, a regretful sadness fills my entire soul.  I have a mad rush in my mind of everything we didn’t do, or say. Why is he going to bed?  It is only 1 a.m.!  HA!  I’m always wishing I did more.  Why do I do this, know I will feel this way?  I think it is pure exhaustion.  Mental exhaustion.  Not wanting to think, or try anything else for the day.  I am done.  My daughter is a ball of energy, that never stops making sounds, noise, or words.  When its dark, and there is only one constant  sound left int he house (t.v.), I breathe.  Ahhh.  Relaxation, here I come.

I guess my honey is on my back burner.  I don’t mean tot put him there.  I think I am on his, too.  Life puts us in these spots.  Can it be changed?  Yes.  With a mental effort, anything can be changed.

Today, I will do my honey’s favorite activity with him.  (Well, second fave)  He loves to play Neverwinter.  It is an online interactive game.  We used to all play together (My son, honey, and me), but everyone got so busy, it hasn’t happened in a while.  My honey asks me often to play, but I never do.  I always have something to write, or my class to tend to, or my toenails to clip….heehee…sense the enthusiasm I have for this game?  I don’t mind it…it is just I always feel like I should be working on something.  My anxious mind doesn’t like to not be writing and article, paper, marketing my business, etc.   Play a game?  It seems so wasteful.  However, I enjoy the interactions of a together game–so today, this will be my love dare.

I won’t be able to play until my daughter goes to bed, so although I will do an evening update, I won’t update the actual dare until the morning.

Evening Update—

I offered Neverwinter–but he actually declined!  Too tired.  It’s cool.  So, I let him rest and do nothing.  We had a chance to sit in the kitchen and talk for a bit, uninterrupted!  It was nice.  I just now got on my laptop and I am only in to write this, so I would say I cut back on my technology habit this evening to spend more quality time  with my honey.  Every little bit means a lot.  Just showing I care enough to cut back, even for a bit speaks volumes.  I hope he noticed.  I can say he has noticed I have been better.  This means a lot to me.   It motivates me to keep up the change.  I will be back in the morning!!

I hope you all had a great day

Sweet dreams.

Thank you for reading Day 14.  I can’t believe it has been 2 weeks already!



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One response to “Day 14–Love Takes Delight

  1. spforce178

    October 25, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    Funny thing is that I am glued to my phone. I treat it too much like a lifeline. I often wonder how I managed a few years ago before I even had a cell phone. The good old days where you just call your friend on the land line and meet somewhere 🙂 As for gaming, my lady and I have “date night” playing Destiny on Xbox Live from our own places. Laughing and joking over the microphone is the best thing to ever on a lonely night. You almost feel like they’re there next to you.



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