Day 16–Love Intercedes

22 Oct

Today’s Dare:  “ Begin praying for your spouse’s heart.  Pray for three specific areas where you desire for God to work in your spouse’s life and in your marriage.”  (The Love Dare, 79.)

Good morning!  I failed to do my evening update last night, so I am sorry!  I can say that as for the dare yesterday, there really wasn’t an update.  Yesterday, I created a blast marketing campaign for  my honey, in hopes of bringing him more business without having to market it himself.  Out of respect for his hard work, I wanted to contribute work so he could chill on it a bit.  I let him know I did that for him, and he said thank you!  He seemed pretty happy with it.  Any free marketing is helpful and appreciated!!

Today, I must pray.  Pray for my honey’s heart.  My honey has the heart of gold.  The longer I delve into the Love Dare, the more I see it shine.  If I had to do this dare on day one, I would have had a long list.  Day 16 brings me in as a changed woman.  The problems I saw in my honey’s heart, were delusions of my own mind.  The more I contribute, the more his heart glows.  My anger issues were blocking my true view of my honey.  The view I had many years ago when it all began.  It is, coming back.

Today, my honey put gas in my car before i had to take my son to school.  He is hanging on a thread financially, and still finds it in his heart to share the few dollars that he does have.  He even gave me his card and told me to buy some food.

So, to find 3 areas of his heart to pray for–is a challenge.  I will take this dare to a different level here.  I will pray for patience for my honey.  Patience to deal with all the issues thrown at him each and every day.    I will pray for additional financial resources for him, and I will pray for blessings that he gives to come back ten-fold.  Because my heart is the one that needs corrections, I will add 3 prayers for me that will benefit my honey.  1.  I pray to be less reactive, and more responsive.  2.  I pray to be more understanding and compassionate  3.  I pray to be patient and trusting.

If you take both of our hearts, you will see mine is the wounded one.  My heart has been shattered.  My honey glued it all together.  However, in his attempt to pick up all the pieces and re-build it, he missed a few chips.  My heart is better, for sure–but now it is time to find the chips and fill the missing nicks with them.  The prayers will correct these issues–and I believe this 40-day project is helping along the way, as well.

I wish each of you a great day.  Go love your honey.

Talk to you later!



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